ScreenScope - a vectorscope utility

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Screen capture utility to display vectorscope for anything on your desktop

Designed primarily for photo editing in Photoshop or Lightroom.

  • You can select any region of the screen to capture vectorscope.

  • The ScreenScope remembers region for each application, so You can easily switch between applications and the vectorscope will be automatically updated according to the region for active application.

  • You can select primary and secondary colors. The harmonious colors such as complementary or analogous will be displayed over the vectorscope.This way You can easily adjust colors of the image to be more harmonious.

  • You can hover mouse over the vectorscope to see where exactly are these colors located in the image.

  • The application supports multi-screen. You can place window of ScreenScope on one screen and other application as Photoshop on another or make window always on top.

  • Vectorscope for any region of the screen

  • Size
    26.1 MB
  • Platform
    Windows x64
  • Vectorscope for any region of the screen
  • Size26.1 MB
  • PlatformWindows x64


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ScreenScope - a vectorscope utility

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